Saturday, February 4, 2023

MSCREX Executive Committee

Mississippi Commercial Real Estate Exchange

MSCrex Executive Committee

Bill Hankins


Overall strategic and tactical direction.

Walter Becker

Director of Operations

Overall clearing entity for MSCREX members, Catylist and any internal issues. Assist with overall direction.

Micah McCullough

Director of Marketing & PR

Provides guidance and direction on reaching all public communities and audiences. Placement of marketing materials and PR/exposure in media. Basically, promote MSCREX to drive potential member and consumer traffic to

Jeff Speed

Director of Associate Membership Development

Solicitation and development of the Associate Community of Members who provide real estate related tools and services to MSCREX members.

Bob Ridgway

Director of Broker/Agent Membership Development

Educates and solicits MAR Commercial Broker/Agents. Interface with MAR. Recruiting of Commercial Agents who will benefit from MSCREX. Additionally, clearing entity for all MAR related interfaces.

Brian Estes

Director of Product Development

Responsible for a continuous review of MSCREX and providing input to improvements or issues.

Jon-David Johnson

Director of MCAR/MSCREX Partnership

Clearing house for any MCAR/MSCREX issues

Allison Buchanan

CEO, The Focus Group

Advisor Associate