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MCAR is Mississippi’s statewide commercial real estate overlay board, and MSCREX is MCAR’s Mississippi Commercial Real Estate Exchange Service. You must be a member of MCAR to subscribe to MSCREX. Use the options below to Join MCAR (if you are not already a member), and to Subscribe to MSCREX. Rates for MCAR memberships reflect pro-rated annual dues for the month we are in now. Per MCAR bylaws, membership rates are prorated to a lesser number depending on which month you join MCAR. Please note, due to how our payment processing system works, you currently must subscribe to MSCREX separately from MCAR membership. If you are not a current MCAR member or need to also renew MCAR membership, please select the appropriate option below to establish MCAR membership before continuing to the MSCREX subscription form. Note: Brokers and agents must be a REALTOR® to join MCAR as a full member and have listing privileges on MSCREX. If you are not a REALTOR®, you can apply separately using this form: NEW REALTOR® APPLICATION Email it to Glenda Gilmer at For information on the Mississippi Realtors Code of Ethics, Ethics training and Professional Standards training visit

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